Anna Kelley



ReiMom’s Greater Purpose Real Estate Wealth Mastermind – 12 month Inner-Circle:

Join a community of heart-centered real estate investors creating financial freedom & time freedom so that we can live our lives ON purpose & FOR Greater Purpose! We are creating our dream lives by DESIGN, and transforming ourselves, finances, investments & businesses to serve our vision of a life well lived! Anna will present topics related to real estate and personal growth, and hold “Hot Set” sessions for helping you to get unstuck in your real estate or life as you pursue wealth. I will also bring in special guests who are the top in their fields, to add tremendous value to your growth as an investor.

We will have breakout sessions to network with others in the Mastermind. This allows relationships to form, deals and partnerships to come together, and growth collectively and individually with a like-minded community! Finally, Anna will have “Deal or No Deal” sessions to review deals, help you evaluate & structure deals for maximum profitability, and find partners for your deals.

Topics include:

Multifamily Real Estate Best Practices

Wealth Building Strategies

Financial Goals

Money Mastery

Maximizing Real Estate Returns


Business Growth Strategies

Mindset and Motivation for Growth

Vacation Rentals & Lifestyle Investing

Creating Life By Design

Time Mastery and Life Balance

REI Niches for Your Goals

Economic Issues Impacting Investors

Your Investing Challenges and Solutions

– Exclusive Facebook Group: Private group where we will share tools, questions, and insight in real time that can help you to take the information you learn, and apply it to investment opportunities in real time. I will also share additional articles and resources in the group. We will build a safe community where no question is dumb or off limits, and where people are committed to supporting each other.

– BONUS 1: Signed copy of my Amazon #1 book: Resilience: Turning your Setback into a Comeback

– BONUS 2: Signed copy of my Amazon #1 book: Success Habits of Super Achievers

– BONUS 3: Rate Lock: Your rate will be locked in for as long as you are a member of the mastermind. This is a tremendous price for my Mastermind Launch, as many real estate masterminds are $15K to $40K PER YEAR!