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Anna Kelley - ReiMom

Anna Kelley is an impact investor, passionate about creating real estate wealth that lasts and serves a greater purpose, and helping others to do the same. She is dedicated to investing for meaningful impact in the lives of her students, investors, and residents. In addition to investing in real estate for over 20 years, Anna was a top ranked private banker for Bank of America, where she managed the financial relationships of high net worth individuals and businesses. Her 2 decades of working with high net worth individuals to build wealth through both traditional investments and real estate, gives her valuable insight to help you create, grow, and preserve your wealth.


Anna’s most important role is that of wife and mom. She has been married for almost 20 years and has 4 beautiful children, who have grown up around real estate and count Lowes as their second home. Supporting them and leading them well is her WHY!

Juggling a family and real estate career is not for the faint of heart! Anna understands the unique challenges women investors face in trying to balance family, health & career!

She is passionate about supporting and networking with other women as they pursue their passion for real estate while supporting their families.

She is also driven to help investors make an impact with their investment dollars, for both their own families and in the lives of the residents in her communities.


Anna is a seasoned real estate investor, actively renovating, selling & renting: single family & vacation rentals, small multifamily & commercial properties, and large apartment complexes. 

Through her own holdings and as a General Partner, Anna has ownership in and asset manages a portfolio of rental real estate valued over $300 Million in GA, PA, TX, FL, NC & TN. She has also invested in over 2000 multifamily units as a Limited Partner.

Anna educates others on the strong, passive returns available through investing in multifamily real estate, and actively seeks out value-add multifamily apartment projects for herself and her partners.

She was most recently a General Partner of an $80M Multifamily Apartment acquisition.



Anna is a 4X Amazon #1 Best Selling author and frequent guest on Real Estate Investing podcasts. She speaks at REI groups around the country on Buy & Hold Investing, Multifamily Investing, Vacation Rentals, Creative Financing, Flipping, the Unique Challenges of Being a Woman in Real Estate, & making wise, conservative real estate investment decisions that will last through every market cycle.

Anna has coached numerous new investors through the purchase of their first rental properties and flip projects, and enjoys helping others to overcome their fears, increase their knowledge, and minimize their risks in real estate. She started with no money and climbed out of the 2008 crisis to create financial freedom through real estate. Anna is passionate about helping others to do the same through her coaching and mastermind programs!

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