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"Having gone from Section 8 housing to real estate millions, I know the power of real estate to create the kind of wealth that changes lives. Now my mission is to help others to overcome fears, increase knowledge, and minimize risk to create financial freedom and wealth that will last!" Anna Kelley

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Create Financial Freedom & Lasting Wealth

By making wise investments in real estate, you can create the passive income necessary to create financial freedom, which allows you to spend your time living your life with greater purpose. Whether spending time investing in the lives of your children, in missions, or doing something you love without regard to money, wise, passive real investments can truly take you from working to build someone else’s dreams to building your own dream life-purposefully and by design.

Anna Kelley brings over 20 years of experience working with both traditional investments & real estate to help investors grow lasting wealth. From working with accredited investors to building wealth herself, Anna knows how to create, grow & preserve wealth the right way. Anna is passionate about helping investors to create financial freedom & time freedom so you can live your life with Greater Purpose!

Anna Kelley’s Inner Circle
Real Estate Wealth Mastermind

Anna runs a Mastermind community of heart-centered real estate investors creating financial freedom & time freedom so that we can live our lives by design – ON purpose & FOR Greater Purpose! As a member of the Greater Purpose Real Estate Wealth Mastermind, Anna will guide you into transforming yourself, and your finances and investments to serve your vision of a life well lived!

Anna presents topics related to real estate and personal growth, and holds “Hot Set” sessions to help you get unstuck in your real estate and life as you pursue wealth. Our “Deal or No Deal” sessions help you review and structure deals for maximum profitability and to find partners for your deals. Finally, Anna’s mastermind allows relationships to form, deals and partnerships to come together, and growth collectively and individually with a like-minded community!

Anna Kelley’s Coaching & Consulting

Anna’s offers an individual coaching program customized for you, to help take you from where you are today to where you want to be a year from now, and to set you up for success for years to come. Her coaching is tailored to help you match your skills, passions, financial goals, risk tolerance, and resources to the real estate opportunities available in the market place today. While Anna focuses on income producing rental property acquisition to fast track your income generation & wealth, Anna can help you with small apartments, large apartments, joint ventures & syndications, vacation rentals, and more based upon the best fit for you in today’s economy! In short, Anna helps her students to create the life they imagine through wise investments in real estate!
Anna has also created an Apartment Wealth Blueprint course and group coaching program like none other! Anna will teach you how to create income and equity (wealth) through investing in small to large apartment buildings. When you finish this course, you will have the foundational tools needed to evaluate, purchase, and operate cash flowing apartments buildings, which can be applied to many other types of real estate as well. You will be able to find, evaluate, finance, and operate your own apartment buildings alone or with partners by the time you complete the program! With the course and Anna’s support in twice monthly group coaching calls, you will be ready and able to begin building financial freedom through investing in apartments!

What Students Are Saying About Anna Kelley

“Anna has been coaching my husband, Jeromie Sheldon and I for the past six months. Anna’s well organized coaching modules as well as her planned weekly coaching meetings have provided us with the regular accountability, in depth knowledge and the direction that has been essential for the growth of our REI business. She has a keen ability to provide direction and strategize. As a result, our business goals & vision have been significantly sharpened! By imparting her wisdom, valuable insights and 20 years of REI experience, our business has quickly accelerated to another level. We absolutely could not have achieved these results without Anna’s invaluable knowledge! The only regret is that we should have jumped in sooner! Thank you Anna!!! “
"As new real estate investors, my wife and I had our worries. Anna provided us with in depth knowledge, and honest feedback during all phases of the purchase process. From determining a properties financial value during the pre-purchase, to pointing out structural and cosmetic issues during the walk-through, and screening prospective new tenants, Anna expertise is top notch. Her assistance has uncomplicated the investing process. After owning a 3 unit property for only seven months, we are preparing for our second purchase."
"Over the last several years, as I went to various REI groups, I watched Anna’s continued growth and success. After her retirement from working her corporate job, I reached out and was ELATED to sign on with her for coaching! I had seen her caring and thoughtful manner and knew she was a person I could easily relate to. Particularly being a female in this field, I knew she was the right one to help guide me toward my goals.

The step-by-step instructions, with feasible assignments, were in complete alignment with my personal goals. We discussed my timeline and individual constraints to organize a plan based on my needs and goals. Through her teachings, I was able to find and analyze many deals to find the right one for me. There are so many steps and ways to look at things to be able to determine if it is a good deal or not… having Anna as my mentor took years off of my timeline to get to my first deal! I am now able to take the lessons I learned and reapply them over and over as I get to my next deal. I cannot put a value on the lessons I learned and the projected outcome the future will hold for me. Anna’s understanding, resourcefulness, and open honesty are qualities that are hard to come by…I am a better person all around by knowing and having her influence in my life."
"I’ve had the pleasure of participating in both the Multifamily Course and Private Coaching and they have been invaluable in moving me forward as a real estate investor! Anna’s experience, knowledge and guidance are beyond helpful and I’ve learned so much that I otherwise would’ve had to learn the hard way. The Multifamily course breaks down investing so it is easy to understand and Anna shares her own experiences, best practices and how she overcame challenges. At the beginning of the private coaching program, Anna and I discussed my goal and she was confident we could achieve it and we did. I firmly believe I would not be where I am today without this course and coaching program. Not only is Anna a seasoned real estate investor, she is one of the kindest and most genuine people I’ve met. Learning from Anna is one of the best investments I’ve made!"
"Learning from Anna is simply amazing! Not only do you gain knowledge of every aspect of investing in multifamily, you gain connections with other like-minded investors. Anna is someone we consider a great mentor and leader in the REI field. Even after our coaching sessions were over, she was still there to answer questions and guide us. We highly recommend coaching sessions with her as you will find it very valuable no matter what stage of REI you are in."
"As a single family investor transitioning into multifamily, it was important for me to work with someone who understood and aligned with my goals. Anna's experience and knowledge as an active investor combined with her integrity, strong values and commitment to helping others were all qualities that I sought in a mentor. She helped me focus on the fundamentals and taught me how to look at opportunities with a much more discerning eye. Thanks to Anna, I'm now a better and wiser investor!"
" I came into the program knowing a few basics about real estate investing through REI meetups and reading books. Anna's coaching program helped me to figure out the best type of real estate to buy that fits into my life and financial situation. She has shared so much insight, wisdom, experiences, and knowledge with me that I will be able to save myself thousands of dollars of dollars in newbie mistakes. She patiently taught me and explained how to run numbers, things to look for, and how to creatively structure deals. She helped me build confidence in myself and, even though I am a working, homeschooling mom, I can still be a wise real estate investor!! I am so grateful for her humble, down to earth attitude and all the hard work she did putting this program together. You will not regret being her student! It is worth every penny and every minute of your time! "
"I first heard Anna speaking on several different podcasts. Her story and what she had accomplished were nothing short of inspiring. I then had the opportunity to hear her speak in person in 2019 at the Mid-Atlantic Summit…It took all the nerve I had to walk up to her, start a conversation and ask about coaching/mentoring. At that time, she wasn’t doing any personal coaching. (bummer/heavy sigh) Fast forward sometime later and I saw Anna had posted about taking on a limited number of students to learn about Multi Family investing and large apartment complexes. I jumped at the opportunity. Having been a flipper for several years, the buy and hold strategies of large multifamily was very new to me and the due diligence and numbers was not something I was comfortable with or very good at. I have paid a lot for education throughout my real estate investing career. But Anna’s program is hands down one of the best programs I have ever done. The fact that she is actively investing, in this current market, provided me with invaluable information that not only gave me confidence but pushed me forward. The information and lessons are well thought out, very thorough and jam packed. Anna is very genuine and giving with her time, knowledge and resources. Her knowledge and Resources…OMG!!!! She ran the gamut with me, helped me purchase my first commercial apartment building, and taught me about vacation rentals! As well as creative and/or better ways to look at a deal. I will most certainly, become an ongoing student of Anna’s."
"I have known Anna since the late 90's as we were both active in the same church in Houston. In the early 2000's, she and her family moved back to her husband's hometown in Pennsylvania so we lost touch. In 2013, I reconnected with Anna through LinkedIn and in catching up she told me about her real estate investments. I had always been interested in real estate but didn't really know how to start. After talking with Anna (and finding the right property) I felt very comfortable in us going in together to purchase a four-plex in Pennsylvania (in 2014). All I did was supply money for the down payment and Anna took care of the rest. That was one of the better financial decisions that I have made in my life! In late 2017, we refinanced the four-plex and bought two more properties with the money we cashed out. All three properties are cash flow positive and we are working to purchase a fourth as I write this! Anna has been great to partner with, as she answers every question I have had and communicates clearly on a level that's understandable for me. The bottom line is that thanks to Anna my net worth has increased significantly since 2014 ."


ReiMom is available for coaching and consulting. Having helped numerous new investors navigate the fundamentals of flipping and rental real estate, she is happy to be a guide and support through the nitty gritty details involved in evaluating, funding, purchasing, renovating, adding value, renting, and selling rental real estate..

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What Are Syndications?

People often tell us that they would love to buy large apartment buildings but just do not have the capital to take down such a large asset on their own. This is not uncommon. Most people do not realize that the majority of large apartments on the market today are bought through REITS or through syndications. Syndications are simply a joint venture, whereby investors pool their money together to purchase real estate. Investing with a Syndicator or General Partner who has the expertise to run a commercial real estate project, allows investors to invest passively, leaving the hard work to the managers while potentially earning a strong return.

ReiMom is a General Sponsor for multifamily real estate opportunities, and actively seeks out the best opportunities for our partners and investors. If you are interested in partnering with us, please send us an email with your interest. We will then contact you to determine whether you meet the qualifications needed to invest in a syndication, before discussing any specific opportunities we may have available.


Many new investors starting out, find that they need more than information! They want hands-on experience and learn best by doing. ReiMom is available to partner on your first deal or several deals to help ensure your success and exponentially increase your knowledge and confidence in the lifecycle of a real estate investment.

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Speaking Events

ReiMom is a cofounder of a real estate investing meetup network of like minded women rocking real estate! From newbies to seasoned real estate investors, we want to support, teach, and encourage other women to excel in real estate and in life. Join our Rei Like A Girl meetups & events!

Podcast Interviews

Anna is available to speak on Real Estate Investment related podcasts, and has been a featured guest for several. She is comfortable being interviewed, and loves giving real world examples of successes and lessons learned that will engage and educate the listener.

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