Anna Kelley



Apartment Wealth Blueprint & Group Coaching

– Course: Creating Wealth through Buying Apartments: In this course, Anna will teach you how to create income and equity (wealth) through investing in small to large apartment buildings. When you finish this course, you will have the foundational tools needed to evaluate, purchase, and operate cash flowing apartments buildings, which can be applied to many other types of real estate as well. You will be able to find, evaluate, finance, and operate your own apartment buildings alone or with partners by the time you complete the program! Syndication is covered at a high level as well, with support on the group coaching calls.

– Valuable resources, forms, and tools to fast-track for your success as an apartment investor & operator!

– 6 months of Biweekly Group Coaching Calls: Live Group Q&A sessions (through zoom) with Anna, to review your questions related to the Blueprint and assist you as you begin to buy apartment buildings.

– Exclusive Facebook Group: Private group where we will share tools, questions, and insight in real time that can help you to take the information you learn, and apply it to investment opportunities in real time. I will share additional articles and resources in the group. We have a heart-centered, safe community where no question is dumb or off limits, and where people are committed to growth and supporting each other.

– BONUS: Signed copy of my book: Resilience: Turning your Setback into a Comeback